Monday, 12 May 2008

Rifle Bedding Manual.


Glass Bedding Instructions.

Pillar Bedding 

Bedding of bolt action rifles is the one single, most effective and important improvement a rifle shooter can easily do to increase his rifle accuracy,and consistency in holding scope sight in,from one hunting season to another.Regardless of which quality of action,barrel,scope,he is using. Epoxy pillar bedding improves all bolt action rifles accuracy.
Pillar bedding is the most accurate and precise method,since due to the nature of the technique,it eliminates the effect of walnut,wood stock warping,expansion and bending,caused by heat and moisture.The pillar bedding secures the accuracy and sighting in of rifle.Fiberglass stocks often tend to aftercure and can by that destroy accuracy,if not bedded properly.Pillar bedding can remedy this.By following the clear and precise instructions and guidance in the Rifle Bedding Manual,the average rifle shooter can bed his rifleprofessionally,and improve the accuracy dramatically,although having, no prior experience in bedding rifles.Bedding manual gives clear precise instructions and guidance step by step,for the average rifle shooter,on how to bed his hunting rifle or single shot bolt action rifle.

Do I need to bedd my tack driver ? Yes, if you are having a tack driving rifle in original state from factory you can use it as is, pillar bedding will increase the accuracy and consistency from one season to another. You will see tighter groups, meaning better accuracy at longer ranges.

Glass Bedding Rifle

Rifle Bedding Book is 149 Pages Adobe pdf . Clear step by step instructions.

Supported Languages :
English, French, Russian, Korean, Italian,
Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Greek,
Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Dutch.

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Glass Bedding Rifle
Tikka M 550 cal 22.250 Remington, stock in preparation for glass bedding.

Surface of bed seat will be roughed up and drilled to anchor bedding compound
in hardening process.

Glass Bedding
Barreled action is ready, fully plugged and prepared for glass bedding into stock.
Rifle stock bedding seat roughed up and drilled, cavities and holes plugged with clay.
All rifles will imrove in accuracy with glass bedding. And hold sighting in from one hunting season to another

Bedding surface is prepared and pillar holes drilled , action and barrel
already plugged with clay and then covered with release agent.

Close up view of rifle action and rifle stock, glass bedding compond almost ready to be poured in.

Action down in stock, bedding compund already hardening,
all extra overflow has been cleaned off.

24 hours later the barreled action is taken out of stock.
Bedding surface is fine and as planned.

Assembly is next step. Rifle is now more accurate, and neeeds testing.